Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bennet meadow reenactment

Last month we went to a historical reenactment of the 1800's held in a field by the river in our town.  We had seen the canvas tents last spring and wondered what was happening.

This year we heard that people gather and reenact a time period, not a war or a particular event, just living; cooking, using and making tools, practicing with weapons and selling stuff.  Usually it's just them, but on a couple days they welcome visitors.  The girls and I went in the blazing heat and had a really amazing time.  People were in full costume, hanging out and chatting.  They were really welcoming as they went about their tasks and invited us to learn different things about what they were doing.
Folks in costume buying pants.  The outfits were pretty impressive.  I tried to be discrete.

Old fashioned marbles for sale.

Some of the tents near the shop.
The girls testing some weapons.

More tents and, beyond the trees, the Connecticut river.

It smelled like woodsmoke, some people were in teepees and dressed like Native Americans and some like trappers covered in fur.  It was quite an assortment of characters and I felt strangely drawn to it, thinking about it often in the days that followed.

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