Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flower girls!!

One of our favorite babysitters ever was getting married and Lily and Georgia were asked to be flower girls!

What fun.

The bride's mother is my friend and she made these gorgeous dresses!

It was very exciting to be part of all the getting dressed and preparation before the magical hour came.

The girls all did a great job walking down the aisle and showering the ground with petals.
I had bought fancy shoes but the girls all insisted on going barefoot.  I was about to have a fit when the bride said, "Of course you can go barefoot!  Whatever makes you comfortable, girls."  What a sweet and beautiful bride she was!  Off the shoes came!

Once the ceremony was done there was tag, handstands and tree climbing.

Who knows the next time they'll both be in dresses and have their hair brushed?  We had to do some aggressive feet cleaning the night before the wedding in my parent's bathroom sink.  The layers of dirt and nail polish put up quite a fight.
 I took lots of photos and so did everyone else.  They got tired but held it together as we moved from venue to venue.

Thankfully they could play and hang out as everyone else got their photos taken.  It was a beautiful cool day
On the rocks and in the trolly eating donuts.  We had fun.  It was nice to be part of the celebration.  Georgia wore her dress to school when we got back.

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