Monday, June 11, 2012

Lily turns 10!!!

A momentous occasion!

My sister sent Lily an enormous dream catcher to keep her feeling safe at night.

She got a bow and arrow set (see Georgia's look of envy?)

Pondering the perfect wish in her new blouse she picked out in Chinatown.

Every birthday we go through their baby books and talk about their birth and read funny things they used to say.  I wish I'd written down more because they love it so much.  (Example: Lily at 2 used to say "Figgeldy Fuck"  and then insist "It's Spanish!!" ) They cackle and make us read them again and again.  It kills me that I have not kept up on these books as much as I had hoped but I'm glad I was diligent in the beginning.  Here they are looking at the page about my labor with Lily.  The goddess Diana was on my altar.  She is the goddess of childbirth, women and children and archery.  I've been thinking of her and calling on her alot lately so it was nice to remember she was with me at Lily's birth.

In the vase at my bedside were poppies and roses and foxglove, such beautiful flowers that will always be linked with Lily's birth.

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