Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally, sunshine!

The light shone so bright after days of clouds and rain. 

The garden is loving the rain and bits of sunshine. 

My William Baffin rose is out of control.  I'm going to try to get it to grow over the garage, but have to find a strong trellis.

Calendula like little suns.

Violas re-seeded from last year.  I've been trying to get that to happen forever.

My Oriental Poppy.  It glows!  Georgia picked the other one and some creature ate the other bud so I pleaded with Georgia to let this one alone.

The Rosa Rugosa is buzzing.

The Peony still dappled with rain and the Delphinium in bloom.  I have been craving a delphinium for so many years I finally just went and bought a big one that would bloom this year.  Amazing color.

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