Friday, June 19, 2009

Everyone's eating....

Rob had the day off for Bunker Hill Day so in the morning we went up to Brattleboro and had lunch at Amy's Bakery Cafe with Georgia. It was Lily's last full day of first grade so she wasn't with us. It's always sad to have adventures when she's away at school but I tell myself she's having a good time at school and she is.

After lunch we went to Lily's ice cream party at school to help scoop. Here's a photo of her getting whipped cream from her wonderful teacher Ms. Pierce. Lily had a wonderful year. Her teachers were the perfect combination of supportive and hands off. Lily has become brave enough to sing songs by herself at circle time and remember her lines in a play (She was so nervous beforehand she begged me to let her get out of the play, but ultimately under the skilled guidance of her teachers she had a great time playing a little pig)
Anyway, it was a marvelous year and I'm sad to see it go. Having a second grader seems different, older and more independent, which of course I want for her, but it pains me to see her growing so tall and mature.

I'm going to eat her up when I have her home with me this summer. Lots of swimming, camping and sleeping in.

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