Monday, April 2, 2012

Naniqui cottages

Outside our compound at night, heading to the food cart a block away.

Rob got a burrito and the girls got a potato with bacon and broccoli. Astonishingly, Rob did not have gastric distress any time during our vacation. He used to get stomach problems when we would go to another state! It was amazing and I might have to thank his Kombucha addiction for adding some beneficial flora to his system. (The health food store on the island was some shelves and a fridge in the front of someone's house with erratic hours of operation. He bought a kombucha the first day and then threatened to break into the closed shop and grab the other one as the week went on. "It's the only Kombucha on the entire island!")

Lily closing up the gate at night.

That first few days it really rained a few times. I got this photo of the water pouring off the cottages and it also gives you a view of the compound from our porch.

The laptop was such a blessing. I brought Harry Potter 1 and 2, The Wizard of OZ and The Secret of Roan Inish (One of my very favorite films ever, which the girls had never seen before.)
It gave them a way to get out of the sun in the heat of the day and occupy themselves once the roosters woke them up at 5:00am so I got to sleep in a bit and not worry about them playing in the road.

The front porch where we spent alot of time relaxing and hanging out. Lovely. The road was just beyond the fence. Cars and trucks went by all day blasting loud music, which I would have thought would annoy us, but it felt lively and made us feel part of the world while separate.

Happy and relaxed Katherine on the back deck drinking some Puerto Rican coffee, which I became deeply addicted to in the short week we were there.

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