Monday, April 2, 2012


Rob waiting for his meal at Mamacita's, our favorite restaurant on the island.

Happy hungry girls

The sign for the men's room

The huge Tarpon in the bay. These fish grow to about 5–8 ft. long and weigh 80–280 lbs. First we were astonished by these gargantuan fish, that were as big as Georgia, and lurked just beside the restaurant dock. After a seeing them every time we peeked in the shallow bay, we got used to them. They were beautiful and covered in silver scales with quite a dramatic underbite.

They let us feed the resident iguanas lettuce. One even swam across the canal to get some lettuce!

Tangelo on his way to the lettuce, sneaking up the mangrove roots behind my chair!

Waiting for my black bean chicken bowl beside the mangroves that held bright little fish and snails in their roots.

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