Monday, April 2, 2012


Georgia caught bigger and bigger lizards as the week went on.

There were land crabs that got pretty big on the island and one lived under one of the cabins. You could hear the girls squeal and run when this one was out of its hole.

The iguana that lived in the yard of the cottage.
I discovered this one by almost stepping on it as I moseyed out to the dock!

The Macaw that lived in the back yard. "Don't touch the bird!" the landlady said when we arrived. "He can't fly but he can jump and bite." EEK!

We all still have our fingers.

The girls sitting outside in our back door with the landlady's cat

HUUUGGEE hermit crab Lily found in the yard that snuck away when we weren't looking...

Mermaid on a house on the walk to Dewey.

Black sea urchin in center of photo under rock. Some of these were really large, 18 inches from spike to spike. Lily traipsed right out of the water when we found them and we had to cajole her to come back in.

A goat
on a string leash
on the steps
across from the restaurant.

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