Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trying to eat better

So I loved this article from a blog Rob follows.

Both Georgia and I are off chocolate and sugar to improve our moods and behavior. Lily doesn't really like chocolate (I know! Isn't that astonishing?) It is difficult to explain to Georgia why she can't eat it. SHE LOVES IT! Really, she wakes up and asks for chocolate.
At Christmas I think my whole family thought I was exaggerating the effects of sugar, chocolate specifically, on her behavior but then she had 4 Hershey kisses (The pressure was too great I had to give in. I thought, "Maybe I was going overboard..It's Christmas!") and in 15 minutes she was out of control. I actually can't remember what she did, but usually it ends up that she is suddenly ENRAGED and YELLING a combination of "FUCK DIARRHEA FUCK POOP!" and swinging wildly to hit someone (usually Lily). SO whatever she did after a sweet Christmas morning was infused with chocolate, convinced the whole family to hide the chocolate from the little one.

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