Friday, January 28, 2011

Smith greenhouse on another snow day

So amazing to be in a warm airy space with dripping tropical plants when it is sleeting outside.

Blooming orchids and who knows what?

This is Fragrant Olive which smells delightful; fruity and tropical. All of New Orleans smelled like blooming Fragrant Olive when Rob and I went down there to elope many years ago on Valentine's Day. Love to smell their sweet dense fragrance in chilly Massachusetts.

Cotton!! I've never seen cotton!

Rob and Lily pulling a Homer/Bart move. The girls spend alot of time watching The Simpsons when I'm at work. Oh well....

Imagine the bug or moth this was made for!!

Achingly beautiful Camellias.

I love these and stole a moment with them in their temperate hallway before the greenhouse closed.

We felt refreshed after our little visit to a warmer climate.

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