Monday, January 17, 2011

Our dear rat Cakie died.

So sad.
She was so sweet and loving.
She never bit anyone, ever!
She snuggled so much with her sister Jewel.

She was getting skinnier and having more trouble breathing.
Yesterday Rob and I told Lily and Georgia that they should spend some time with her because she was getting really weak.
Lily did not want to hear it. Who can blame her? I've been saying that on and off for months.
But this time Cakie seemed a bit sprawled and quiet.
The girls did hold her and spend a little time.

I had the rat cage in our bedroom for the party and moved it into the study for the night. The study was filled with magical energy from all the psychic readings that were done in the room during my party. My Reiki grid was charged and pink roses were giving off their scent. I hope it was a nice place for Cakie to have her last hours.

Lily came to us at 7am and with a horror filled voice. "Mama! Mama! I don't think Cakie is breathing!!' and she wasn't. She was still warm. Georgia had brought her out to Lily in bed and Lily had held her for a moment before she died.

We all lay in our bed and said goodbye to Cakie.
We made sure her sister knew she was gone.
Her little body got cold and stiff.
We felt so sad.
I cried and cried. I was quite attached to her. The others seemed a bit shocked. I think we're still grieving our sweet chicken Moon's death last month.
Cakie was a very sweet presence in the house. Her sister is a little more rowdy and moody. Cakie was always gentle.

Some notes from Lily
"Cakie was sweet.
She was polite
She loved all foods."
She was one of the ends of the 10 rainbow"

The girls settled her in a shoebox with a bit of cake, roses, glitter and lots of other little gifts.

From Georgia
"Cakie was sweet"

More from Lily:
She had a big heart
She was the best rat in the rat unaverse
Wonderful in every way."

We finally got Georgia to school and received a phone call moments later to say she's just thrown up at school.

Hard day,
especially after such a glorious party the night before.

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