Sunday, January 16, 2011

Belated 40th B-day for ME!

12 dear women friends came to my home and we had a sacred circle for my birthday, in celebration of me and them.

I had wanted to have a ritual, a rite of passage, but it felt a bit silly or greedy or awkward to ask, but I asked.

And they said yes! And then came and celebrated me and us and this wonderful time in our lives.

I felt held and loved.

It was really amazing.

I am so thankful. Lucky me to have so many wonderful women in my life.

I had candles lit on every flat surface and luminaria glowing up the driveway.

(My dear family went to our friend's house and watched TV and ate pizza.)

And left me and my friends to have a momentous magical night.

We let draining things go and called in nourishing marvelous things to grow.

I gave everyone a beautiful jar of honey from Uppingill Farm with a red wax seal. They symbolize the magic of everyday and the sweetness we find in daily enjoyment of life. We charged them with energy and they looked lovely glowing in the candlelight.

A fairy and an owl Lily placed on the piano were transfixed by the experience.

The candles melded together as the night passed. Our collective wishes joining and burning in the dark night.

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