Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer is coming!

Miss Georgia and Azalea at the little stream on our road. What a lovely day, hot and sunny with the birds singing from the tops of the trees.
These two are very fond of each other. Azalea puts up with hugs, leash pulls and food take-aways from Georgia that would have her glaring at me. When Azalea finally gets sick of playing she pushes her head into Georgia with a steady slow wipe and Georgia hugs her, humming away, "Oh my little baby, good girl."
Here they are sitting at the stream side. Azalea's most favorite thing has always been to play in moving streams of water. She used to prance around and pick up rocks from the stream and place them methodically on the stream bed. Now at fourteen ("a hundred in dog years" exclaims Lily) she is tottery and just stands in the stream drinking and eating grass along the edge.

Happy old dog.

We came home and made our first strawberry rhubarb pie of the season. We ate is for dessert and devoured the entire pie!
The sweet tartness was perfect.

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