Friday, May 22, 2009

Rob's 41st Birthday!

We all played hookie and went up north.

First to Burdicks, the beautiful upscale restaurant/chocolate shop in Walpole NH (@45 min from home)

We each got a fruit tart with gorgeous plump blueberries, raspberries and blackberries covered with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. The girls only ate the fruit, leaving behind the tasty shell, and then went trolling for more fruit, stealing from Rob's and mine and each other's.

(That's why Rob looks so nervous letting his guard down for a photo!)

I got a hot chocolate and and then a chocolate espresso frappe to go.

I have to make a quick aside to myself for next time. Excuse me for a moment.

(Next time, sweetie, how about you don't order the large hot chocolate? Let me remind you, it will mean a day of nausea and pain. Your digestive system is not meant to drink a glorious cup of hot cream and thick chocolate. You will feel like you need an airplane sick bag before you even get to the car. The rest of the jam-packed day will be spent with you trying to lie down on any surface you can and cover your eyes. Don't order it! Rob will try to remind you! You will think he is conservative and boring. Heed his word! The first sip will be glorious tasty comfort and you will feel smug, but you will soon be suffering. Also, you do not have to try every sample in the shop, delectable as they may look, fragmented and tiny in small decorative bowls. Don't do it. There is plenty of chocolate in the world for you, no need to hoard in this oasis of chocolate scented loveliness. Just get the $2 demi tasse of hot chocolate and walk away. Breathe deeply, enjoy the thick white paper towels and fresh flowers in the bathroom. Don't ruin the day with a blood sugar nightmare.)

OK back to the road trip.

Then we went to the Montshire Museum of Science (@45 more minutes away), which is a fun interactive place inside and out.

There was an exhibit with American toads that were lumpy and pleasing in their green cage. They have just started their singing in the evening at home. It is such an evocative and thrilling song, I remember I was surprised it came from these rock-like creatures.

Here it is if you don't know it.

Then I had to eat lunch or I was going to puke so we took a break from the museum and went to Lou's in White River Junction. Very satisfying chicken gyro had by me with a coke to settle my stomach from the previously mentioned error in consumption.

Then back to Montshire for the outside water play. It was hot and we didn't know to bring bathing suits for the girls but they got wet and had fun.

The ride home was an almost-nightmare filled with heat and whining but we made it home and got the kids to bed.

The toads were singing in their ethereal chorus again and again in the swampy side-yard. I wanted to gather the children and sleep out, but we resisted because we were too tired to get the tent out and wanted a good night sleep.

Lily came in at 4am crying. When I sat up and asked, "What's the matter!?" she sobbed,

"Leaf Cutter Antssss" which were one of the exhibits at the museum. You never know what's going to spark the nightmare. She went back to bed OK, though.

Happy Birthday to Rob!

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