Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kelly's cove

The clouds were so dramatic!

We went to Kelly's cove to find hermit crabs. 
Georgia is a very good hunter and she can find whatever is hiding.

Lily took a turn with the row boat. I didn't get in because my back told me not to; but Rob and the girls (really just Rob) rowed it over from the Bayside dock.

She found one!
Following an eel in the water.  It moved so beautifully, snaking through the water.  Rob is phobic of snakes and eels but after watching The Mystery of Eels this winter on PBS he was transformed!

He was thrilled to find one of the mysterious creatures and we followed it through the shallow water.

They got back in the boat and rowed back.  Rob got tired rowing against the current. 

They rowed farther and

farther away, until I couldn't see them anymore.

I guess it was too much and too far because later, at cozy a restaurant in the evening, Rob said, "Remember when we almost died in the rowboat today?"

Lily rolled her eyes at him. 

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