Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ahhhh Summer

A bit of tea at Boyden's pharmacy.
A starfish retrieved from the dock. (There were far fewer this year than previous years :(

Rob amusing Georgia on the porch while I was at yoga class.

Out to lunch at Chase's Daily in Belfast.  We actually got a babysitter (A gal we knew from NMH was happened to be staying a block away!)

Beach (on a chair that feels great on my back. Hooray for Ocean State Job Lot!!) and Hammock.

Oh summer, I miss you already!
We went away for 10 days which felt perfect; long enough to slowly let regular life fall away.
No lists.
No phone calls.
No emails to check.

It was a little painful to withdraw from all that seems so important, but then it felt great!

My favorite time of night, as the lights across the bay start to twinkle.

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