Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bumble Bees buzzing in the Hydrangea blossoms

The buzzing was LOUD.  Our final full week of summer we stuck around home, did some back to school shopping and swam in our friend's pool when we got hot, sticky and bored.

Our friend has the most beautiful Hydrangea shrubs lining her yard and I sat under the wall of blooms while the girls swam and loved the sounds of the bees humming around me.

Cookie liked it, too, but every once in a while she would try to snap at one of the droning, slow moving bees and disrupt my reveries.
Here Georgia stole my chair and is checking out the Bumble Bees. 

How lush and alive late summer is!


  1. Hummmmm(humming)...very sweat song composed by nature.

  2. very beautiful pics..I remember our home garden, Ah that was complete leisure.