Monday, August 12, 2013

G lost her first tooth!

She was beyond delighted!  Squealing with pride and joy!  Then she ran to rinse it off and I heard the most terrible tragic shriek.  She had dropped the tooth down the drain!  She was beside herself, screaming!  Lily came running to help with such a look of horror. (You can see Georgia's sad face in the pic)

We tried to pry the pipe off, but it was glued!
What to do!
Georgia was crying and Lily was yelling at her to pull it together, saying, "The tooth fairy will still come, Georgia! She'll still come!"  I was trying to be a plumber, but I am not a plumber.

The girls thought:
The neighbor!
Our wonderful neighbor!

Georgia and Lily ran out to him and told him or heartbreaking story.
Even though he had just got home from vacation,
over he came with a bucket full of tools and got to work.

There was a tense silence as he worked.
Rob got home from bike practice and wondered what on earth was happening.

Our neighbor used his saw and got the drain trap out and dumped its contents into a pan.
There, in the grey sludge, was the tiny sharp tooth.
Thank God!
We all jumped for joy.
Our neighbor said, "Of course. We had to get it. It's her first tooth!"

Here is the treasure we can leave out for the tooth fairy now.

Thank goodness for handy and kindly neighbors!

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  1. may tooth fairy fulfill all your wishes...i also have likewise experiences when my younger son lost his first teeth and i was out of station. i want to thanks with this post for my super helpful neighbors who care him very well.
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