Sunday, September 30, 2012

Well taken care of

So I have been home recovering for two weeks now.  I'm not having much pain and am walking pretty well.  We received an abundance of delicious food that kept the family and me going for two weeks including these gorgeous gluten free cupcakes! (Sometimes I find it hard to share.)

My beloved sister has been sending marvelous care packages filled with encouraging uplifting gifties and notes.  Lovely.

It has been wonderful to see people and have visits.  It's so nice to eat food from people who are wishing us well.

My friend Lena is an amazing cook and she brought a banquet that was devoured.  I took photos because it was so beautiful (and there was sunshine!  There has not been much sunshine this last week!)

Here is a pile of dishes from all the kind-hearted people who brought us food even though their lives are busy.  I am so grateful.

Here's my spot on the couch where I spend alot of time.  The Halloween decorations are up really early on the porch (you can see the fake spider webs on the porch) because my sister was here and there was no way I could drag the Halloween box out and hang everything so someone else had to do it all.  She won't be back for a few weeks so she got busy.

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