Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home office is coming along

So, another thing I'm doing before surgery is getting my study ready for seeing clients.
It is looking quite lovely.
I painted the dings and chips in the walls and molding last week.
I gathered all my crystals together in this watercolor box and looking at that really makes me happy.
I ordered some emergency essential oils for surgery so I could make some potions to help me heal.  (I had used up all my peppermint and lavender.)

Here is my thrilling briefcase of essential oils.  It smells good and each oil is a potent powerhouse.  My teacher says, "Each drop is like a thousand flowers."

Here's the magical glowing dragonfly stained glass lamp my sister bought me for my 40th b-day and a little laminated grid for me to make my essential oil combinations.

My Reiki Grid/altar to charge up any items or prayers. as well as the room in general.

Ooh another angle with the crystal suitcase.  You will recall this room was a terrible mess.  It was actually an image in my mind of this box, filled with crystals on my empty desk, that came to me as I fell asleep one night months ago, that motivated me to clean, paint and toss like I did all summer.

Another view of the altar with the pleasing lotus decoration hanging above.  I love to just stand in the room and look around.  I do need a chair in there so I can sit.  I have an office chair but it's not too comfy.  I've got my eye on an IKEA puffy chair, but it might not fit.  I still have a laundry basket full of papers to go through but I shoved that into the closet for now.  Maybe I'll get to that while I recover.

Here's the photo from Mid-may.  Ackkk!

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  1. Katherine,
    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and for letting me know you were on with Jeneth too... how cool is it that! Yes, I am happy to share the brownie recipe- thanks for asking, I will post it soon and send you a link or somehow get it to you. They are super delicious and very chocolatey went a little wild with three forms of chocolate (cacao etc). By the way, YOUR chocolates look to die for, and oh so healthy!
    I enjoyed seeing the pics of your office as you've transformed it! It's brimming with possibilities I can just feel it! The choice of green is healing , and great for new beginnings. You tools look glowing and well taken care of- keep in touch and let me know how it's going ! you use this stone for yourself?