Friday, September 14, 2012


When I was camping Labor Day weekend I had a power dream.  I woke up buzzing with energy and excitement.

It was short.

In it I was driving in my car up a dark road in Gill.  I turned down a dark road and drove up a hill for a bit.

In the dream I was excited, anticipating something.

Then In front of me was a pile of something furry in the center of the road.

Then it got up and trotted away from me and my headlights.

It was heading into the woods.

I couldn't quite tell what creature it was, it was small and furry, trotting confidently; then it stopped and looked over it's right shoulder at me.

It was a baby fox or baby coyote.

It was beckoning me to follow!
To follow into the woods.
At night.

Then Georgia said something and woke me up.

I was going to follow that creature.

What does it mean.
I felt half in dream for a bit.  I felt so much energy whirring through me; I knew it meant something, but what?
And was it a fox or a coyote?

Tonight on my way home from work I saw something shiny on the side of the entrance ramp on the highway.  It was glowing eyes trotting toward me, low to the ground.  I figured skunk or possom and slowed down and who should cross my headlights, but a little fox, greyish with a reddish tip to its tail, maybe it was a coyote?  It was carrying something in its mouth and passed in front of my car and out of sight.

It looked exactly like the creature in my dream from two weeks ago!

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