Thursday, September 13, 2012

Surgery prep

I am having an odd week.  Trying to get everything done before surgery.  It's almost like getting ready before a trip.  My c-section and appendix surgery were both unplanned so this is strange and new.  I'm trying to balance the checkbook, shine up the credit cards and answer any old emails.

I have lists and lists of things to do that will drive me crazy if I can't do them.

I made my homemade chocolates.  Don't they look fancy?  I bought a silicone candy mold on Amazon a few months ago.

I use the raw organic cacao powder from the co-op and organic  mesquite powder in equal parts added to double the amount of melted (at low temp in a double boiler so it stays raw) organic coco butter (both of them from sunfood online) and then add a few teaspoons of agave. The family doesn't really like it (although Rob will eat it if there is nothing else in the house) but I like it and it satisfies my cravings quickly.  Raw chocolate has an amazing amount of antioxidants and the mesquite and coco butter are also good for you.  Yum  I had to have it just in case I had cravings just after surgery.

I also had to find some organic balsam for my massage oils.  I have two craft fairs in the fall and need to start it steeping.  We went yesterday to the lovely Couch Brook Farm
where she pruned her trees for me and gave me the branches for free.  How nice.  I came home and bottled it up in sterile jars with extra virgin olive oil.  Lovely.

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