Saturday, August 4, 2012

Green River cemetary

Rob's dad is buried in the green River cemetery in Guilford, Vermont.  Rob's sister came for a visit and we took the 45 minute drive up  through the winding dirt roads to the quiet field filled with old slate graves.

It was a peaceful place on a hot summer's day.

Self Heal was growing all over the grave yard.  It's one of my favorite flowers.  It is quite a magical and healing plant, but also a common little weed.  I love the bright purple buds that open like little snap dragons.  The flower essence is powerful for supporting our ability to heal ourselves from within.

Some of the old graves are so beautiful.  The names so odd and charming; Hiram, Liddie and Ephram.

The lichen spreads, green and blue, along the cool granite, slate and marble.

Here's my bare feet, yet again.  I have been hearing alot about Earthing
lately, which is the concept that connecting to the earth helps heal us and improve our health.  There is a book and a website where they sell tools and gadgets to help transfer the energy of the earth into your home, but their initial suggestion is 15 minutes a day or more, wearing bare feet or lying on the earth revives and supports the body's need to be in touch with the earth, which is a generator of grounding energy.  Of course, we evolved to be walking and lying on it throughout our daily lives and that really doesn't happen any more.
So I did my earthing homework.

Next we went to the crib damn and went for a swim
The water just pulses over the damn in a curtain of clear water.

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