Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A fragrant treasure

Georgia slept in while I went to yoga and Rob relaxed in the hammock.  (Lily had sailing camp in the mornings.)  It was my first yoga class in more than a year.  Wow, that's sad.

Rob was worried I'd hurt myself, but I really wanted to just be in the old wooden community building and be quiet.  I conceded to his advice to skip the pain meds so I wouldn't get carried away.  I was glad I did.  I was saddened by how limited I was and how, even after two months of healing since my herniation, my movement was so limited, partly because of pain and partly because of fear of re-injury.

I limped home to this delighted girl who had found not only a gift from the mermaids that visit every year, but also had smelled a wonderful smell from her bed and hunted it down.  She had looked out her second story window and saw something white down in the neglected garden, trotted downstairs and outside by herself where she picked this glorious flower.  A Lily hidden from view from the street by all the weeds. She brought it in and found it some water.   It made the whole cottage smell good and Georgia was very proud to have found something so magical all by herself, by following her very sensitive nose.

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