Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more babies...

Holy crap! Baby bunnies are cute!

5 baby bunnies appeared when Rob mowed over their hole this week.  Three hopped away and these two just sat there looking stunned.  I wasn't home, but by the time I pulled in the driveway the girls thought they were keeping them as pets.  They were heartbroken when I broke the news that we had to leave them out so their mother could find them.

Georgia found a toad, too.
A few heavenly hours of bunny holding came to an end when they put them out in a box with towels to wait for their mother (who I have seen hopping around the neighbor's compost). 

I was hoping mother would come while the girls were hoping she wouldn't.  The bunnies were gone in the morning and I hope they went back with mama and not to the jaws of the neighbor's cat.

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