Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We were off to bustling Chinatown Sunday morning
Looking at the sidewalk markets is one of my favorite things to do.
An enormous mushroom and jelly-like roots.  Georgia was puzzled by Chinatown.  She had heard so much about it when we were planning the trip but somehow she thought it would be like a theme park or one big store.  Actually, I don't know what she thought, but she was disappointed.

These fish were still alive and the eels were wiggling in a slithery
 way and the cat fish's gills were panting.

A cool climby rope structure that Lily conquered.

We did some shopping and got really tired and were missing the dog and the sounds of birds (at least I was)  We skipped lunch and bought the girls each an Asian pear and headed back to the apartment.
Lily hailed a cab

The cabs have little interactive computer screens these days.  The driver took us over a bridge to the wrong neighborhood and I got in a fight with him.  (He said "You said beekman place not beekman street!" over and over in an angry yet pouty way that bothered me. I finally firmly said (OK, everyone else says I yelled), "No we didn't!  We said Beekman street!" and then I realized everyone else was looking nervous and then the cab driver growled, "Don't push me."
We were glad to get out of the cab.

Grand Central Station where they have an extensive food court.  Dinner and cupcakes were had and we readied ourselves for many more hours of transport.

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