Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back porch

I am so thrilled with our back porch this year.  Somehow we got the plants planted, the new picnic table put together and new umbrella and chairs.  The old wooden picnic table was rotten so it would crumble when you sat on it.  We can actually eat out there now!
A man on the way to Vermont sells these birdhouses.  I have been coveting one for years, but I never have time to stop or cash or I don't want to deal with choosing the perfect one.  This time Lily and I were on our way home from violin and Lily had a $20 bill in her wallet for some collection of reasons.  She shouted from the back seat, "Stop Mama!  I have money you can borrow!  He's right there!" So we stopped when he was outside putting them away for the night.  I picked this one and Lily handed over her money.  The birdhouse-maker's wife is from Thailand and he told us that these are actually "spirit houses".  "In Thailand," he said, "People have these in front of their houses and it's where the ancestors rest.  Whenever you come or go you acknowledge the ancestors and ask them to watch over you."  He put his hands together in prayer position and bowed his head to the house.  Lily and I had just been talking about our ancestors and pondering who her great great grandmother was and how maybe we could do a family history project with grandma.  We looked at each other in amazement and took our lovely pine smelling spirit house home.

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