Sunday, May 20, 2012

Violin Recital

Lily and I take violin lessons every Monday. 
This was our third recital.  They are very casual and fun, but still I get nervous. 
Lily used to be a wreck and I'd have to cajole and encourage her, but this time she was glad to do it.
We played Red River Valley twice with our teacher, Lissa Schneckenurger, on the ukulele.

 During our other recitals I have been so fixated on Lily and her anxiety that I have totally messed up (Or I just flubbed up and blamed it on my kid..)  This time I pulled it off.  We went through the song twice without a hitch. 

Hooray!  Then it was time to jam.  Slowly.  Lily ran outside and played in the garden while I tried to keep up with the group as they played different song.

My mother was thrilled to see us perform and took lots of photos.  I wish I were better at playing, but I do love it, love the sound of the music and the way I have to use different parts of my brain to remember and play a song. 

It's a nice activity to do with Lily, too, especially now that she's more willing to practice.  It's fun to see how she learns and absorbs the information differently than me.  Soon Georgia's going to start, whenever she grows into Lily's first violin, so the adventure will start anew.

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