Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Peepers are singing!

Georgia-the-frog-obsessed has been out with an empty net in the neighbor's vernal pool for the last two evenings and tonight she begged to venture to "the big swamp" through the nearby yard. The peepers were loud! It's only March 14th!

Here's a video of Georgia stalking the small frogs in the dusk. We didn't catch any or see any, but we certainly heard them.

We saw two very bright planets low in the sky (which scared Georgia because she didn't want Martians to come down...Hmmm) so I grabbed Rob's phone that has the Google Sky Map and held it up to the sky. It showed a big Jupiter and a smaller Venus. (Rob and Lily came to see but Georgia stayed inside to hide from the Martians. Who has been talking about Martians?)

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