Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sparkle's farewell meal

Getting ready to move Sparkle to our neighbor's. The girls gave her a special meal. Apparently she really likes instant oatmeal more than popcorn.

Rob looks very serious as we walk her over. We passed some acquaintances who just said hello and didn't even marvel at the fact we were taking a family walk with a chicken. We had the stroller filled with a half empty bag of chicken food,too. No questions asked. I was glad because I didn't feel like chatting about it anyway. The girls were a bit excited but Rob was really sad. He's bonded with the birds more than he's bonded with Cookie, who still lurks nervously around him sometimes.

Here's Sparkle in her temporary housing while the other chickens and rooster get used to her. The big rooster came over and checked her out. Jill, the skilled chicken owner, reassured us that he is a very good rooster, not mean at all.

He's quite handsome.
Hopefully Sparkle will integrate well and make some chicken friends, but still remember us when we come visit.

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