Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting in the rhythm

Here is the porch of our cottage and a couple of amazing Hibiscus flowers that Georgia picked each morning. Thankfully, there were so many buds on the shrubs in our compound, that more bloomed the next day.

I love the pads of yellow pollen on the stamens.
Georgia with a lizard on her hat. I think it's a gecko. They have sticky foot pads so they can climb walls.

Rob-the picky coffee guy- likes the coffee! Everywhere we go! Even at the weird tiny airport cafe! It is milky and sweet and I like it too. It is funny (scary) to see how quickly an addiction kicks back into place! After 2 days I am craving coffee, the more I drink, the more I want. It pops into my head with frightening frequency! (Yumm and uggh I'm hyper and dehydrated!)

Ahhhh. Melones beach. Quiet. A close walk from town. Snorkeling with our goggles we could see big pointy black sea urchins and colorful darting fish. Just enough clouds passing over that I was not overheated.

We had definitely recovered from our initial trauma of nauseous arrival and the undertow beach.

But Rob had felt so heinous on and after the boat ride that he declared he would not take it back. This meant we would have to take a tiny plane off the island for $50 each. (I had secretly hoped we would get to fly on the 8 passenger plane over the islands, back to San Juan in a nifty 25 minutes as opposed to 2 hour puke ferry followed by 70 minutes of driving in traffic.) Rob was very anxious about this tiny flight before we came which is why we arrived the way we did. That's why I had procured his Ativan prescription from his doctor, just in case we had to fly on a tiny mosquito of a plane. I was glad I had. So was he, because he's already used it on the big plane from New England and, although he said he didn't feel any effect; I think it made him much more pleasant to fly with.

We all loved the beaches, the swimming and enjoyed hanging out with no work to distract us from each other and the beautiful island. My friend who had recently visited the area had warned me, "You will think the island is kind of grubby and OK, but then after a little while goes by - it will seem like the most beautiful and amazing place!" She was right. Culebra was just the right size, just the right level of friendly, and we felt blessedly surrounded by wildlife and nature all the time.

After another taxi ride home from Melones, the taxis were adding up ($3 a person to anywhere, so $12 each time. It turns out Rob is a generous tipper so after $45 spent getting around in one day we decided to rent a jeep and spend a few days exploring. (Rob and the girls really wanted a bright red golf cart but, thankfully, minors are not allowed in the back's of the tiny little cars so we were stuck with a sturdy jeep.)

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