Friday, October 28, 2011

October snow

Chickens hiding in the garage after Cookie grabbed each of them by the neck. It was horrible. Rob had let the chickens out on this first cold and snowy day to be helpful, but Lily went out to sled and let Cookie off leash; not knowing the chickens were out.

It has been 8 months that Cookie has been with us and she has never gone after the chickens. I thought she might be scared of them. I was wrong.

Georgia told me when I came downstairs, "Lily let Cookie go, but Papa let the chickens out." She had been watching Lily sled from the window and saw Lily let go of Cookie's leash. I went running out down the hill yelling, but Cookie had already run into the fenced in area and had Sparkle in her mouth. Lily realized what was happening and came up behind her, shrieking! Cookie let Sparkle go, but went right for Henny-Hen-Hen. There was flapping and yelling. I got to the fence and hollered at Cookie, but she was all instinct. She had the chicken by the neck. Lily kicked her and I hopped over the armpit high chicken fence and fell on her, pinning her to the ground.

The chicken stumbled away.
It was dramatic and awful.

Georgia was watching from the window with horror, crying.


What a way to start the day.
My back hurts.

Really, I can't believe it hasn't happened before.
I thought she had kind of a quaint interest in them, but no, she went right for the neck even with Lily and I yelling our heads off.

I was furious with her. We scolded her and put her in the crate.

Later I realized it was her instinct. Not much she could do about it. And the fact that I had been able to tackle her and grab her mouth without any fear of her hurting me was a good thing.

Not sure if she is going to ignore them or work harder to get at them now that she experienced all that excitement.

The rest of the morning dripped by.
Our dog suddenly seeming more feral and coyote-like than she had before the day began.

My nasturtiums finally succumbed to the cold.

Georgia sledding with her easy to comb nit-free new bob.
The snow along the fence glowed and steamed as it melted in the rising sun.

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