Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jewel perked up

Last week when we found her so lethargic, her eyes barely able to open, I thought she was a goner. We gave her bowls of water and food down on the floor of her cage where she could reach it, even in her infirm state. That night Lily and I took her up to my bedroom where we read Harry Potter for an hour while I gave Jewel Reiki the whole time. My one hand was on her body and it felt so thin and her breathing was so fast; I thought she would be dead the next morning. I had the girls say goodbye.

But there she was the next morning and every morning after, getting more and more perky and bright eyed!

We cleaned her cage almost every day because she kept spilling her bowls of water. I think she likes the extra attention. Sadly, when she's not on death's door, she gets much less attention. But it's nice to see her back to grabbing food out of our hands now and sniffing around almost like her old self.


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