Thursday, October 27, 2011

Local cougar sightings

(I haven't seen one! This is a stock photo...)
But, Rob's fellow cyclist spotted a cougar/mountain lion in Gill last month.
In the newspaper someone wrote in to say they spotted one at Northfield Mountain last month.
Both those places are less than 10 miles away! (the range of a cougar is 10-500 square miles)

This July, a cougar that traveled from South Dakota was hit by a car in Greenwich Connecticut. Here's an article from the NYtimes.

They have been extinct in the Northeast since the late 1800's but there are more and more local sightings every year.

These local sightings have changed how I feel in the woods.
It's not all bad.
It's not just fear.
There is something powerful about sharing the woods with a great predator. It makes the woods feel more wild and more mythical.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes of wolves in Women Who Run With the Wolves

"Although many spoke of them as menaces, I always felt safer when there were wolves in the woods."

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