Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Snow!

We were up in Brattleboro for the evening. The girls and I were getting very overdue haircuts.

I have a terrible head cold.
Georgia got sent home from school with head lice 2 days ago.

It has not been a fun week.

We looked out the window and snow was falling!!

While Georgia got her short bob and Rob read a magazine, Lily and I ran down the street so I could take some photos of this window display at Delectable Mountain, a gorgeous fabric store on main street.

The characters are so life-like. Are they porcelain? They're a little creepy, but also amazingly beautiful. I love their hands.

This little fairy is playing with a salamander but I couldn't quite get it in the photo. Look at those wings!

Here's the entire display with reflections of the wet street.

It looks like they are going to come to life any moment. After listening to my Dangerous Old Woman CD class by Clarissa Pinkola Estes I am feeling very reverent about old women. I've been teaching nursing students at a local nursing home. it is so sweet and startling to suddenly be spending time with some funny kind elderly folks. I love that the old fairy is holding the baby in the center of this display.
Here's a little table set for tea and woodland treats.
We ran through the wet cold streets to Mocha Joe's and got some chamomile peppermint tea for my throat. Lily was wearing shorts (She had made a bet with Georgia that she wouldn't wear pants until it snowed. Hooray that it snowed so she can finally put on some pants when we get home!)

Rob amusing Georgia by writing letters on her belly that she had to guess. She was very rowdy after her haircut. She said she felt like she was out at midnight and was bounding on the furniture. We go to Salon Jacque which is a nice place in downtown Brattleboro because Kristie is there and she is such a talented, kind and patient young woman. She gave both the girls their first haircuts and we have followed her place to place.

We got home by 7p but it felt like the middle of the night. The girls ran out to make a snowman in the dark!

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