Sunday, December 28, 2008

I love my lists, but...

I am so thrilled for the new year; for new beginnings.
I had just enough caffeine today to make me want to write copious lists and figure out a plan for life, fitness, creativity and finances.
But after almost two months of meditating I am a bit suspicious of my desire to list and plan. Usually I waste most of my oomph planning in a color coded way (see photo of healthful and responsible colorful list from November with NO checkmarks in all the empty boxes) I am prone to severe positive exuberance (I'm wondering about a tiny spot of mania as a write this) but I forget about follow-through (or I am so drained by everyday life/work/kids/world that I put my list out of my mind to endure just wading through the days.)
Anyway, maybe I can't do all these things? (See, I'm finding a way to write the list!)

Do pilates three times a week
Do yoga twice a week
Swim once a week
Spinning once a week
Jog once a week
(I want to do the triathlon sprint again next year and don't want to DREAD it)
Practice violin every day
Work down debt
Read read read (I got an itty bitty book light for x-mas)
Clean one room of the house a week
Eat better (follow weight watchers)
Read 4 day win by Martha Beck and apply
Continue to meditate daily

OK, that doesn't sound too crazy. I mean I can't do the pilates and yoga that often but maybe one class a week or I could just do the f%*&ing video that I have.

I also want to write in here as long as it's fun. So far it's fun, but Rob is my only follower. I like that for now, though.

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