Sunday, March 16, 2014

Smith Greenhouse

Oh how I love the Bulb Show at Smith College. I missed it last year.  This year we tried to sneak in on the last day and it was packed; too packed.  But we were able to look around the other rooms.
These are my noncompliant family members in the photo department.  Smile!

 I can't believe we haven't been here before during this long cold winter!

What a gorgeous banana blossom. The green. The sun shining through the glass ceiling. The smells! Ahhhhh.

Lush flowers growing like hair above the fish pond, but no fish this time. Georgia was terribly disappointed, usually we see frogs and fish in the ponds but the pond was empty.  She did find tiny slimy snails in the muck and tried to make friends with them.

Orchids were blooming everywhere in this room and the Dr Seuss pitcher plant was pleasing, too.

The sensitive plant responding to Georgia's touch, like an animal.

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