Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ignite Your Power conference

Lucky me.  I got to go to a conference on Tapping/EFT this weekend featuring some of my favorite teachers.  Margaret M Lynch is a sassy fun coach who does helpful tapping videos that are fun and authentic.

She's from near Boston so she had a free conference on Thursday, Friday and Saturday about setting up your business and tapping to get rid of blocks that might be keeping you small.  She had great speakers and great information. It went 9am to 9pm and I was exhausted by the time I drove to my parent's house in Andover and fell asleep!

The skyline was lovely. 
The people were inspiring and friendly.
Sometimes I would get tired from talking to all the interesting people and I would just sit there and feel pleased that no one needed anything from me and there was no where else I needed to be.  Ahhhh.
Then we would have to make a video with a complete stranger and then review it. Yikes!

I was feeling all brave and social so I went up to Stella Orange, whose emails I read every week. She helps people write newsletters and has a really comical and reassuring style that I love. It was so great to meet her and see, in person, that same personality she reveals in writing.  She took a photo of her and me for her newsletter that I just got in my in-box today.
I feel a bit famous.


Here's Stella's website if you want to check out a really cool copywriting coach.

Here is the city at sunset.  I was on the phone with Rob in an empty ballroom watching the skyline come alive with lights; it was lovely.

This greeted me when I got home. I was so glad to see the family!  It really is good to get away.  And then to come home.

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