Sunday, March 16, 2014


is the Middle Eastern restaurant where we always used to go before we had children.  It's cramped and tight and the food has flavor, so we stopped going with children, probably after a screaming baby experience and yes, we have been back on a few dates, but not with the kids  This weekend was a huge victory because we brought the kids and they liked it! They ate the food. They drank the tea and we sat surrounded by people on all sides and it was OK. It was a big night.
Lily poured the peppermint tea with a tea leaf in each cup.  Georgia wanted nothing to do with the tea and she had to be cajoled into trying it; it was so sweet and so strong, of course she loved it.

Here's a pic of Rob and me. It is so hard to get a photo of us together without him making some obnoxious face. He was just about to make a face but Lily caught him before he made it.

Georgia did fall in love with the tea.
Everyone enjoyed their meal. Rob, Lily and I got chicken or falafel sandwiches but Georgia got a plate of gorgeous crepes with fruit, honey and powdered sugar. We'll definitely be going back!


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