Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ear's pierced

Big day for Georgia. She had been wanting to get her ear's pierced forever and we had said, "No no no no, not until you're 12." But then we realized we really didn't care that much. Lily, who is 11 and doesn't have her ear's pierced, advocated for Georgia to be allowed to pierce her ears because she wanted them so much.  There was really no reason anymore except the ideas I had been holding onto about girls not needing decoration to be beautiful and that ornamentation was for a later age when one had more sense than one has at 8 years old.  But hell. she loves to decorate herself and loves to get attention. Who am I to say that's wrong?
We made her work for it though. 25 marbles in the jar. That's a great deal of good behavior, patience and lack of swearing. For months. But it snowballed and she behaved better and better as the goal came closer and closer.

Sunday was the big day.
She got scared once she sat in the chair.
Then, OUCH. The look on her poor face!

Then she was done and very pleased with herself.
She keeps telling everyone she got her ear's pierced before Lily.
Lily rolls her eyes.
It's difficult to be the younger child.
Always doing everything after that older sibling.
So, Georgia is very proud of her huge cubic zirconia. She is cleaning her ears constantly and being very responsible.

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