Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beach Day!

Wingaersheek Beach

We played hookey and went to the beach today.
It was hot!
Too hot to stay home and sweat.
Rob chose wingaersheek in Gloucester because it is shallow and we got there at high tide when the water was warm, so we could swim.  Fun.  But it was crowded.  Really crowded.

Georgia is finishing her melted mango slushy.
Lily is drawing the ocean with her b-day art kit.

See all the people?
So many teens.

We spent the day and then got an early bird dinner at the Gloucester House with a view of the harbor and a gluten free menu.  I even got a gluten free cupcake.  Nice.

Then, to miss traffic, we went to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester and looked at the crabs and the ocean some more.

Lily let me take her annual portrait for the wall in our stairway.  She's wearing her favorite shirt (That grandma bought for her after Lily emailed her the deets. I didn't even know about it.)

Georgia doing what she loves best.

Beautiful stones.  I want to bring them all home, but instead I'll take a pic.
The girls on the way home.  Snuggling in the car is very rare so I documented it.
We made it home at 9pm, ready for a quick shower and bed.

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