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Bee Priestess

More on Bee Priestesses!
Layne Redmond, the drummer I wrote about earlier at
has more information on myspace
where I found this poem that I have heard before and loved.  Martha Beck has mentioned it more than once when talking about failure.

The Gift Of Failure

Last night I dreamt, thank you God that I had a beehive inside my heart; and that Golden Bee's were making from my old and sad failures white combs and sweet honey.

Antonio Machado

Lovely.  I also found this image on her my space page and I love it so much I made it my screen saver.  Bees are sacred and connected to women throughout spiritual history in many different parts of the world.

                      Bhramari Devi, the ancient Bee Goddess of India

Then, Jennifer Posada, a wonderful teacher and Oracle, sent out an email for a Bee Priestess class!
I was so excited. I knew I needed to do it.  Just reading about it sent shivers all over my body.
I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Bee Nymphs and Priestesses and so I hoped to sign up an to save up the money, but weeks went by and I couldn't gather $895 for the class.  I was dismayed.

Here's the class listing from her website:

A Special Spring Oracle Course with Jennifer Posada

A 7-Session Course by Telephone Conference
Finally the world stands ready for the return of the Ancient Bee Priestesses…
Long ago these bee nymphs, part-woman and part-bee, lived as prophetic priestesses who received their revelations while in ecstatic trance brought on by sound, sexuality, nature and, among other things…honey.  The Thriai were three specific nymphs of the Mellissai, as they were also known, who lived in Delphi on Mt. Parnassus.
The Bee Priestesses knew about and used the power of sound, the buzzing of the bees, to heal and travel between the worlds to receive prophecy.  They were also masters of states of pure sexual wholeness, healing and bliss like their other nymph sisters, and in their own unique way, brought forward for the first time in this course.
In addition, the sacred honey they ingested brought them to levels of ecstatic bliss that were a pure communion with the universe and their own deepest natures.  They understood the importance of sweetness and nourishment in life in order for the soul to thrive.
Now it is time for their unique teachings to be brought back to the world, and for the specific messages of the Thriai to be spoken and sung again.  And with these activations to inspire our memories, it is we who will bring them back…
*Learn about the various Bee Priestesses and Nymphs and their special gifts…
*Understand how to move between the worlds with sound and vibration in the practice of the Thriai…
*Return to your own truest nature, and to your connection to the cosmos…
*Remember past connections to this ancient lineage…
*Access your pure, powerful, sacred sexuality through the sexual practices of the Bee Priestesses and Nymphs…
*Return to the knowledge of the sweetness of life, and how true sustenance can bring us to ecstatic states…
*Explore the role of bliss in your life and learn to access it on a regular basis…
Let the bee priestesses reach their hands across the many ages and shine forth from your very being.  Let them lift you and show you new lightness and truth, spreading honey, and deepest healing and wisdom, through your heart…
You will receive as a part of this Course:
~ 7 two-hour sessions by telephone conference, including the teaching for each week and a closing sound healing session
~ Optional weekly explorations and exercises for the time between sessions
~ The opportunity to ask questions and share live on each call
~ Recordings of each session that can be listened to online (in case you need to miss some!)
~ Membership in an online community so you can continue the discussions and sharing the experience after the course is complete!
This is a special 7-part course at the Oracle School offered by telephone conference.
April 22nd – June 3rd, 2013
Mondays, 5 – 7pm Pacific time
7-Session Course by Telephone Conference

The day the class was to begin I sent an email to Jennifer's people saying I was desperate to attend but I could not pay for the full class.  I was especially feeling the need to be a part of the class because I heard that Jennifer would not be teaching the class again in person!  (She is moving to pre-recorded video classes to give her the time and space she needs to write and make music!)
I was thrilled and shocked to get an email back saying,
"The course was full but a spot opened just yesterday, and though the two partial-scholarship spots were already given away, Jennifer said she would be happy to make this last spot another scholarship spot for you!  She was touched that you were so drawn and delighted that a space is indeed open!"
Hooray!  I paid what I could and got signed up for the class immediately and that night it began.  It has been magical and inspiring in so many ways.  I feel like I am in the painting below (which is also from Jennifer's website)  during the classes!  It feels so welcoming and beautiful to be there with 19 other women learning ancient practices.


I sit in my study with a beeswax candle lit and my beautiful local honey from my 40th birthday party

The family has been leaving me alone and quiet while I'm on the phone for the two hour weekly class and I am so grateful!

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