Saturday, May 11, 2013

Plum Flower Essence

When my plum is in full glorious bloom I make a flower essense from some of its flowers.
I snip off some flowers into a clear class bowl filled with spring water and let the water soak up the vibrations of the floating flowers, being careful to use clean scissors and not to touch the flowers myself.

Once I have the right amount I place the bowl somewhere special until it's time to decant the water and mix it with oak aged brandy.

I put the bowl in the arms of the tree for most of the day, letting the water also soak up the energy of the bright sun and the singing birds.

When I decant it into sterilized glass bottles and place it on my Reiki grid to get charged up with Reiki energy I am hoping to put as much of the tree as I can into a bottle!   Like a Genie captured and ready to be released when I place it into blends and potions.

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