Friday, May 10, 2013

Growth and Blooms

I love this time of year!  Claire Walker Leslie, an artist and naturalist I studied with as a teenager,
would say:

 "All Naturalists should get the month of May off.  There's just too many changes happening in the natural world around us.  We don't want to miss anything!"

She was right.  Every day glorious things are happening outside.  How can I worry about groceries and bills?!

The hops are emerging from their spot.  They look so bare and pointy.
The apple blossoms are so sweet, pink-tinged until they open white, fresh and fragrant,  I keep wandering around grabbing branches and breathing in the bright smell of the flowers.

Below is a peach blossom from one of our leaning trees.

Above is Lily's Asian Pear that is blooming like crazy for the first time (We planted it two years ago after her little pear tree didn't make it through the winter.)

Violets everywhere.  I am glad of Rob's loathing of mowing this time of year because the yard blooms purple and white.

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