Monday, February 20, 2012

Magical Readings

The author Doreen Virtue gives a weekly angel card reading each Monday about the coming week, which I love to look at.
I get an email from Spirit Library reminding me to check it out every Monday and it is nice to take a few minutes and get ready for the coming week.

Is her spirit library link with her readings if you scroll down a bit. I have a few decks of her cards and I enjoy her kind loving manner.

Last week her reading said to "seek expert advice" toward the end of the week which struck me. What expert? Hmmm? Expert in what? What would that look like?

It can be fun how things just unfold.

The next day or so I got an email from the Barefoot Doctor a funny Taoist doctor from England who sends interesting emails with bursts on energy and thoughts about the state of the world. He ended his email with this testimonial:

"Before I go let me tell you about my friend Juliette, one of the
most supportive ethically aligned people I know. She's a superb
psychic who shuns publicity for herself. I'm pretty clued in on the
psychic level myself, but I take a reading from her regularly
because I love her angle and wisdom, so have prevailed upon her to
let me give her a shout in case you want to take a reading online
too. Highly recommended if so - she's at and definitely has the power to turn
your life around in the most angelic way."

So I clicked on Juliette's website and peeked at her animal totems and really enjoyed reading about the crow/raven.
(From her site:
The Raven/Crow

If the Crow has hopped along to say hello, expect to see magic in your life. If you're not already seeing it, look a little bit harder, it exists everywhere..... He will remind you of the magic that is occurring in your life, even if you can't see it, trust it to bring you joy, understanding and inner fulfillment no matter what the present circumstances appear to be.

Believe in magic and you can't help but see it, magic lives within the belief itself and if the crow comes to you today this may be a time where coincidence and divine synchronicity bring all kinds of different elements together.

It felt so synchronous with my feeling about crows as bringers of magic, everyday common magic that I was pleased.

Then I stepped out my door and looked up and there were 4 ravens circling above me, talking and croaking loudly! They just flew around above the driveway while I stood there dumbstruck. Ravens are not very common around here. Some nest in a nearby town where they like sheer cliffs for nesting.

So I walked back in the house and signed up for a reading and sending her a long email about mostly career issues and my desire to break out of my nursing jobs that take up 4-5 shifts a week and leave me drained and instead do more healing work and writing.

I paid 40 dollars by paypal (don't tell Rob) and she gave me the most marvelous reading, 3-4 pages of Just-What-I-Needed-To-Hear advice and guidance. It was very gentle and subtle but also really deeply encouraging of exactly where I am right now, reminding me to be present and enjoy the wonderful things in my life instead of always looking ahead. She also gave really practical reminders to do things like clear my energy field daily and to spend as much time as I can in nature.

I keep re-reading it and getting new insights. It was really great and I wanted to put her website out there in case anyone was wanting to try it themselves.

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