Friday, February 24, 2012

Georgia and the Flu

Poor Georgia was sick the whole week before school vacation and still recovering over vacation. I was going to be home alone that first week (my teaching job had vacation) and I was going to de- clutter the entire kitchen and pantry. I was so excited for cleanup week and a date with Rob on Wednesday (dinner, a hot tub in a crystal filled room and a movie!), but instead Georgia had a fever, once getting up to 104.4!! so she sat in my lap and we snuggled for days.

I got so cooped up I finally drove her to get some milk at Upingill Farm in nearby Gill
and reveled in the beauty of their candies shining in the sun. (It had been a long sequestered week with not much visual stimulation!)

Georgia was roused from her stupor to see the sap buckets! Hooray!
Georgia loves sap and couldn't wait to tell everyone she knew that the buckets were up.
We believe it has medicinal healing properties, especially for a tired feverish girl, so we got her a cup full and she drank it in the car.

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