Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have really increased my use of essential oils since my class in December. It is wonderful to have such enjoyable homework! My teacher (Kathy Duffy teaching RJ Buckle's program) recommends using oils in the bath, putting them in a small amount of whole milk. This disperses them so you don't sit on a big drop of peppermint oil and burn your skin. The milk is nice for the skin and is a great dispersant.

She said, "If it's good enough for Cleopatra; it's good enough for me." Cleopatra is said to have taken baths in milk, honey, lavender and roses. Mmmmmmm.

I loved hearing about the history of aromatherapy, the Egyptians used oils and herbs for embalming but also put cones of beeswax with plant oils on their heads and let them melt on in the heat.

I don't do that.
Instead I am using this nice diffuser in a few rooms of the house.

And I invested in some nice books so I can integrate the aromatherapy into the nursing work I do.

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