Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Warm walk

It was such a nice day, this warm weather is so confusing.
We heard the chickadees singing their spring song from the birdfeeder.
No winter coats!
Georgia collected some sap from a pine tree and Lily tried to protect her from the bounding Cookie, who was thrilled to be out with all of us.

The girls climbed trees which is so much easier when you're not wearing mittens and snowpants.

Another bell on the golfcourse to warn other golfers that you are about to send a ball their way.

Lily found a friend.

Georgia being tender with the moss she found under the grove of pines.

You could hear the drip drip of melting snow and the roots of the big trees held water like tidepools.

Georgia's jumping in!

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  1. This day seems so placid and sweet. I admire that.