Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowy Walk

Friday was a half-day for the girls.
I had big plans to get out in the snow and we actually did it.
Usually my half-day plans putter out because I plan too much and then the sun goes down, we put in the chickens, eat dinner, clean up and then we have to get ready for bed!. But everyone (including me, really) was totally willing to forget that I was going to go to the dump and buy milk so that is what got missed this week.

Big flakes of snow were falling.
The dog was tearing around the shallow bowls of hills and valleys that make up the nearby golf course.
We did some sledding, made snow animals and threw snow balls.

It's about time!

Cookie looked very pleased to be out running free. I have to bring a little container of treats for her, today it was leftover pulled pork, which she really likes.

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