Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice skating lessons!

Started last weekend. Lily was not thrilled as you see by her squinty glare.

Rob turned out to still be a good skater even though he hadn't done it for 29 years.

Here are my skateless booted feet. I don't know how to skate and that makes me sad. This week I'm going to try but I don't want to injure myself (my herniated disk has quieted down so nicely) but I hate to miss out. There is a free skate while the girls have their lesson and everyone looks to be having such fun.

I'm forcing the girls to learn (Georgia is game even though she fell about 45 times the first class, she only fell about 5 times this week.) because I want them to learn how to do physical sporty things now when they don't have so far to fall.

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